Maayke Schuitema

Maayke Schuitema
schilderijen, grafiek
T 070-2202777
M 06-22308366

Maayke Schuitema makes linear work in mixed techniques on large format paper and canvas. The base is formed by linoprints. The main theme in Maayke's work is the strong woman in all her facets. The layered performances refer to her own life; therefore her paintings are readable as a biography. She often uses traditional symbolism to give her ‘visual language’ more strength. On the other hand, she gives her own meaning to the used motifs. Maayke's recent work is more direct then ever. Renouncing the layered background, leaving only the deep black contours of her large-scale lino prints on paper, enhances her visual language.
Maayke works with international galleries and her paintings and prints are included in several renowned art collections.

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